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Vote for Young AERO's Video Entry to Vlado Showdown Contest

This is for the people who shared my video for the contest, when you share it make sure you tagged up to 40-50 people, that’s what helps me get votes. Tagging people is more likely to get the people to watch and vote! Thanks!Everyone who hasn’t supported, or who has, please spread the word for this contest, i need at least 300 likes, help me reach this before the 21st this is important to me, so click the link and vote for me then share it with all your friends and tell them the same and tell them to do it quickly and then share as well! Thanks! Help me reach this destination before the 21st! Please Help me out!

Hookah. Bigger than man.

It hurts so bad, I don’t get it. A week ago everything was fine and then all of a sudden everything fell apart. I have nothing left. I sat there and contemplated ways I could crash my car so I wouldn’t have to feel this anymore. I’ve never felt like this. He’s torturing himself because he hurt me, and were still best friends… I just can’t kiss his face anymore or tell him how much I love him or snuggle up to him when I’m tired or just to snuggle. He immediately changed his profile picture as if the image of us together was so unbearable……because it is. We were so happy….now were both miserable.


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